Services Transparency

Our external auditor company:

Baker Tilly is present in more than 141 countries in the world offering access to state of the art technologies, methods and information platforms, providing opportunities to develop and grow both personally and professionaly.

Our accountants:

Since 1996 CPA offers a wide range of professional services in areas such as Accounting, Economic, Financial, Management, Human Resources and Auditing. CPA Management is committed to set up, mantain and improve its management quality system based on ISO 9001 regulation. This certification has been already extended to its Tributary, Outsourcing, Auditing, Strategy and Human Capital Departments.

For Ferrere CPA: the client comes first. The solutions designed and implemented are focused on achieving results and are the outcome of the accurate implementation of working methods and processes based on technology and international standards. They select and chose the best and highly motivated professionals in the market. All of them are deeply committed to the objectives and practices of the firm.

Our legal advisors: Guyer & Regules Law Firm

Guyer & Regules Law Firm proudly holds the reputation of being the first firm of choice in Uruguay regarding legal, accounting and tax affairs both at national and international levels. This solid reputation has been earned with the daily comittment to excellency. It has an outstanding team of professionals internationally trained, and it also has the largest group of Partners, making the Law Firm the most trusted firm for its clients.

Guyer & Regules is the first Uruguayan Law Firm awarded by the prestigious Chambers & Partners publication as the “The best law firm in Latin America”, the best “Law Firm in Uruguay” for five years and it has also been presented with “Client Service Award” as well. It has also been named by the International Tax Review (Euromoney) as the “Best Tributary Law Firm in Uruguay” for three consecutive years and also by the International Financial Law Review (Euromoney) as the “Best Firm in Uruguay” for two consecutive years.