Services Independence

At BP ALPHA we make our decisions based on an absolute independence of mind. The work of our advisors is always characterized by the pursuit of a greater benefit for the client and is neither influenced by the relationship with our Custodian banks nor by their analysts’ recommendations. On the contrary, BP ALPHA’s team considers and analyzes all investment options and searches several sources in order to design a tailor-made investment portfolio. When carrying out a business transaction, independence of mind regarding advice always goes hand in hand with operational independence. In that way, at BP ALPHA we are absolutely free to generate the best business operation at the best price when buying and selling financial products.

At BP ALPHA we benefit from institutional prices for first-line products, and since we operate with different institutions in a free way, we are able to compare costs and choose those most convenient for the portfolio under management, thus maximizing return.

The management of clients’ portfolios is not influenced by any activity that might originate a conflict of interests.